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Our goal is to make a Web site on which you may find  information about our family and members.
The site will contain some pictures and other information that we find worth showing you.

  ==>  Berge IT Services (BITS) (org.number 893 073 752)

Not much activity the last years, only supporting family members with PC/iPad/smartphone problems.


Greylag Goose, Bramskjæra, Nevlunghavn, Norway (2017-05-02)

Kolbjørn's Picture Gallery ( Nature_2019, updated 2019-09-15)

Videos from Berge.net: http://Berge.net/video/
Pictures on KjB.net: http://KjB.net/photos/


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Holtet, Nevlunghavn residents:
Berit and Kolbjørn

Amundrødvn., Helgeroa:

Bergsåsen, Revetal residents:
Emma, Andreas, Mari, Marit and Kjartan
Useful links

Our Aquavit society/club (in Norwegian): http://www.akevittkameratene.org/

Other Kjartan Web Sites


Local public house (Larvik, Brunlanes): http://www.nestun.no
Link to "Tunklang Vokalansemble",  (Kolbjørn is singing 1. bass)






By the way - the following URL gives new meaning to the phrase "homepage" (!): http://Kjartan.Berge.net/

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